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The FIRST LogoWelcome to the website of La Salle Robotics Team 1350, also known as the "Rambots". We are one of thousands of teams that compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, open to any high school student willing to sign up. FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, is an organization that promotes engineering in a fun, competitive, sportsman-like way. Each year returning members, along with new members come together to solve various mechanical and programming challenges that FIRST assigns. Founded in 2004, our team consists of 7th and 8th graders from our middle school PEGASUS program up to 12th grade seniors. Since then, we have had various teacher and alumni support. La Salle Robotics Team is located at La Salle Academy Providence, Rhode Island. We are fortunate enough to have the support of our schools maintenance department in the form of a space in which to work as well as access to tools that facilitate our endeavor to continue to produce the robots and, more importantly, inspire students to pursue careers in STEM and other fields. This website contains many interesting tidbits of information about the FIRST Robotics league and our Team 1350. Have a look around to get to know us better, browse, and have fun!

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Updates overdue, Team leadership to change

This website has been fairly neglected since 2009. This was in part due to dwindling membership. Over the next month or so the website will be brought up to date. After this year, The current leadership will be graduating. This would be normal since team leaders typically only serve for one year before graduating, but in 2011, there were no seniors on the team. For this reason, most of the students who will remain on the team next year have never experienced a change in leadership. Hopefully we, the current leaders of team 1350, will be able to prepare the next two generations of leaders to lead the team into an era of success. This website update will be just the tip of the iceberg of updates that we hope to see in the coming years.

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Update Complete!

The Massive update is complete! I owe a huge thank you to Mike Zhu who completely rewrote this site last year to use PHP and MySQL in order to facilitate updates. This is far easier than static HTML!

Our Robot is nearing is completion, the build team has nearly finished its work, and the programming team is currently working on code for the autonomous period. All that remains, hopefully, is some final adjustments to the camera tracking and traction control code once the control system is mounted on the new robot. As the ship date approaches quickly, the team is spending more and more time at our workspace in the Prince Engineering Lab of Brown University. More updates will follow as we near completion.

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A Massive Update

Massive Update Commencing....

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Hey Guys

Need to clean up these posts from the site. For development only...

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